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  • Youth activists win ‘unprecedented’ climate settlement in Hawaii
    The Guardian reports that the State’s transport department given a 2045 deadline to fully decarbonize and achieve zero emissions under agreement

  • Bill Nye demonstrates why temperatures are above 90 degrees
    CNN's Erin Burnett speaks with science educator Bill Nye about the significant effects of climate change.

  • Most people attribute extreme heat and wildfires to climate change reports that a recent study has revealed that U.S. adults are more confident in associating wildfires and heat with climate change compared to other extreme weather events such as hurricanes, flooding, or tornadoes.

  • How the makers of a beloved board game reworked it to address the climate crisis
    CNN reports on how the developers of New Energies worked hard to balance joyful play with environmental science

  • To save the high seas, plan for climate change reports that the pace and scale of climate change raises questions about how best to define areas of marine protection

  • Abandoned farmland can be used for climate change mitigation reports that recent research demonstrates how these forgotten fields could be pivotal in the broader climate change strategy.

  • What is a heat dome and are they getting worse with climate change?
    New Scientist reports that Mexico and the southern US have seen extreme temperatures due to a heat dome, a weather phenomenon that will become more intense with climate change

  • Earth marks 12 straight months of record heat, a bewildering climate change milestone
    USA Today reports that May 2024 was the twelfth straight month of record-warm temperatures for the planet, European scientists announced Wednesday.

  • Cicadas are back, but climate change is messing with their body clocks
    CBS News reports that in a warming world where spring conditions arrive sooner, climate change is messing with the bugs' internal alarm clocks.

  • Vermont becomes 1st state to enact law requiring oil companies pay for damage from climate change
    The AP reports that Vermont has become the first state to enact a law requiring fossil fuel companies to pay a share of the damage caused by climate change after the state suffered catastrophic summer flooding and damage from other extreme weather.