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  • Revealed: quarter of all tweets about climate crisis produced by bots
    The Guardian reports that the stunning levels of Twitter bot activity on topics related to global heating and the climate crisis is distorting the online discourse to include far more climate science denialism than it would otherwise.

  • Jeff Bezos Commits $10 Billion to Address Climate Change
    The NY Times reports that Jeff Bezos, Amazon’s chief executive and the world’s richest man, said on Monday that he was committing $10 billion to address the climate crisis in a new initiative he called the Bezos Earth Fund.

    According to 60 Minutes, scientists say climate change is behind the unprecedented intensity of the bushfires that have burned a reported 27 million acres in Australia. And according to one estimate, a billion animals have been killed.

  • Climate change could destroy half of Earth's animal and plant species in the next 50 years, disturbing study says
    Fox News reports on a disturbing new study that suggests that climate change could wipe out half of the planet’s animal and plant species by 2070.

  • Trump's Biggest Vulnerability Is His Climate Change Denial
    According to Mother Jones, it’s getting harder for Trump to ignore the loudening chorus of conservative voices calling for climate action—and he and his advisers have taken notice, however halfheartedly. He held an event at the White House this summer touting his love for clean air and water, despite the revolving door of energy lobbyists rolling back environmental regulation and enforcement.

  • Antarctica's new record high temperature: Is it climate change?
    USA Today reports that Antarctica made worldwide news last week when one location – an Argentine research base – set a record high temperature for the continent of 64.9 degrees.

  • How Europe Turned Into a Perfect Landscape for Wildfires
    The NY Times reports that today roughly 40 percent of the European Union’s landmass is covered by trees, making it one of the most forest-rich regions in the world. It’s also ripe for wildfire.

  • A climate activist swam under the Antarctic ice sheet to prove how quickly glaciers are melting
    According to CNN, 50-year-old Lewis Pugh says he was terrified when he plunged into the water of East Antarctica in nothing but swim briefs, a swim cap and goggles. He was even more terrified when he swam below the Antarctic ice sheet, through melting tunnels -- though he said it was the most beautiful swim he's ever done.

  • Scientists alarmed to discover warm water at "vital point" beneath Antarctica's "doomsday glacier"
    CBS News reports that in what is being called an alarming discovery, scientists have found warm water beneath Antarctica's "doomsday glacier," a nickname used because it is one of Antarctica's fastest melting glaciers.

  • Building projects in New Jersey will now have to account for climate change
    CNN reports that an executive order signed this week by Gov. Phil Murphy will make New Jersey's climate change regulations among the toughest in the nation.