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  • Four key measures of climate change set records in 2021
    According to NBC News, greenhouse gas concentrations, sea level rise, ocean temperatures and ocean acidification all hit their highest recorded levels, a U.N. report found.

  • Another 'extremely worrisome' climate change record set
    Yahoo News reports that the world set a new record this week for the highest daily level of carbon dioxide in the atmosphere...

  • 'It's way too early': Forecasters surprised by speed and severity of Orange County fire
    Meteorologists in California told CNN on Thursday they were surprised at how fast Orange County's devastating brush fire moved overnight, as it tore through the city of Laguna Niguel and destroyed at least 20 multimillion-dollar homes and mansions.

  • Study: 50-50 chance of surpassing catastrophic climate change threshold within 5 years
    Yahoo News reports that...there is now a 50-50 chance that global average temperatures will exceed 1.5° Celsius of warming over pre-industrial levels within the next five years.

  • Drought expands in the Southwest, worsening the region's fire risk and water crisis
    According to CNN, more than 98% of the Southwest is in drought this week.

  • Jamestown: America's first English settlement now endangered
    According to the BBC News, preservation groups warn that Jamestown, Virginia, may not survive another generation because of climate change.

  • Stanford Gets $1.1 Billion for New Climate School From John Doerr
    The NY Times reports that John Doerr, one of the most successful venture capitalists in the history of Silicon Valley, is giving $1.1 billion to Stanford University to fund a school focused on climate change and sustainability.

  • Ocean life projected to die off in mass extinction if emissions remain high
    NBC News reports that marine animals could die off at a level rivaling the biggest mass extinctions in geologic history if people don’t curb greenhouse gas emissions.

  • Climate change could increase risk of infectious disease transmission across species, scientists say
    ABC News reports that scientists now believe that global warming will significantly increase the number of viral transmissions across species in the coming decades...

  • Twitter bans ads that contradict science on climate change
    The Associated Press reports that Twitter says it will no longer allow advertisers on its site who deny the scientific consensus on climate change, echoing a policy already in place at Google.