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  • From wildfires to disease, here are the top 5 ways climate change is already hurting your health
    ABC News reports that scientists warn that it's not just plants and animals threatened by rising temperatures -- climate change is impacting humans as well. And for medical experts, this is particularly troubling.

  • Temperatures in the Arctic are astonishingly warmer than they should be
    According to CBS News, while the pace of global warming is the fastest we have seen in millions of years, nowhere is it warming faster than the Arctic. Temperatures in the Arctic are rising at three times the pace of the rest of the globe.

  • John Kerry named as Joe Biden's special climate envoy
    The Guardian reports that John Kerry, the former US secretary of state and Democratic presidential nominee, has been named as a special envoy on the climate crisis under Joe Biden’s incoming administration.

  • These are the 10 countries most at risk from the effects of climate change
    The Hill reports that there’s no doubt in most scientific projections that climate change will affect every country in the world, but its effects will not be felt equally.

  • Jeff Bezos announces first winners of $10 billion climate-change pledge
    CBS News reports that Amazon founder Jeff Bezos, who earlier this year pledged to donate $10 billion of his own money to help fight climate change, on Monday announced initial grants totaling $791 million for 16 different environmental groups.

  • Scientists link record-breaking hurricane season to climate crisis
    The Guardian reports that evidence is not so much in the number of tropical storms the Atlantic has seen, but in their strength, intensity and rainfall.

  • Here are 10 climate executive actions Biden says he will take on day one
    CNN reports that President-elect Joe Biden is planning a flurry of executive actions when he takes office on January 20, and many focus on combating the global climate crisis.

  • Trump removes head of climate science report
    Politico reports that the White House has removed the head of the program that produces the federal government's most definitive scientific report on climate change, according to three sources with knowledge of the move.

  • What Will Trump's Most Profound Legacy Be? Possibly Climate Damage
    According to the NY Times, President-elect Biden can restore many of the 100-plus environmental regulations that President Trump rolled back, but much of the damage to the climate cannot be reversed.

  • What Biden will and won't be able to achieve on climate change
    According to MIT Technology Review, passing aggressive climate laws will be highly difficult without Democratic control of the Senate. But there are other ways to make progress.