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  • So what has the rest of the world promised to do about climate change?
    Countries around the globe have made plans called Nationally Determined Contributions (NDCs) to reduce carbon emissions. The Guardian takes a look at some of the most significant

  • Carbon dioxide levels are higher than they've been at any point in the last 3.6 million years
    CBS News reports the barrier was broken despite a reduction in expected emissions caused by the COVID-19 pandemic.

  • World's wealthiest 'at heart of climate problem'
    According to the BBC News, the world’s wealthy must radically change their lifestyles to tackle climate change, a report says.

  • The climate emergency is here. The media needs to act like it
    Ahead of Earth Day on 22 April, the Guardian, CCN and partners will elevate the climate crisis by publishing stories around the theme “Living through the climate emergency”.

  • Intelligence officers predict a future shaped by faceless enemies like disease, climate change
    Yahoo News reports that the intelligence community has published a wide-ranging report detailing its predictions about the state of the world in the next two decades.

  • A spike in Arctic lightening strikes may be linked to climate change
    According to ScienceNews, Arctic lightening has gotten way more frequent over the last decade amid rising global temperatures, study finds.

  • NASA measures direct evidence humans are causing climate change
    According to CBS News, NASA has proven what is driving climate change through direct observations — a gold standard in scientific research.

  • Once climate change deniers, the agriculture industry positions itself as part of the solution
    USA Today reports that riding a wave of shifting public opinion about the reality of climate change, the U.S. agriculture industry is staking out a new position as part of the climate solution.

  • Nine Ways Biden's $2 Trillion Plan Will Tackle Climate Change
    Inside Climate News reports that Biden’s infrastructure proposal includes climate action that could benefit every Congressional district and lure Republican support.

  • Why the climate crisis will intensify the border crisis
    According to Axios, The World Bank estimates that three regions — Latin America, sub-Saharan Africa, and Southeast Asia — will generate 143 million more climate migrants by 2050.