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  • Snow may vanish for years at a time in Mountain West with climate warming
    The Washington Post reports that in about 35 to 60 years, mountainous states are projected to be nearly snowless for years at a time if greenhouse gas emissions continue unchecked and climate change does not slow.

  • Covid denial to climate denial: How conspiracists are shifting focus
    The BBC News reports that members of an online movement infected with pandemic conspiracies are shifting their focus - and are increasingly peddling falsehoods about climate change.

  • Australia's spy agency predicted the climate crisis 40 years ago -- and fretted about coal exports
    According to The Guardian, in a taste of things to come, a secret Office of National Assessment report worried the ‘carbon dioxide problem’ would hurt the nation’s coal industry.

  • Don't call it climate change. Red states prepare for 'extreme weather'
    Politico reports that bracing for global warming is the rare climate issue that appeals to both Republicans and Democrats, and 34 states have done some sort of climate-adaptation planning, according to Georgetown University's state policy tracker.

  • Climate Pledges Still Not Enough to Keep Warming Below 2-Degree Limit
    According to Scientific American, a new study finds that even if nations around the world live up to their climate promises, the planet will still likely warm by more than 2 degrees Celsius.

  • Climate denial is waning on the right. What's replacing it might be just as scary
    The Guardian reports that the wrapping of ecological disaster with fears of rampant immigration is a narrative that has flourished in far-right fringe movements in Europe and the US

  • A new map shows where carbon needs to stay in nature to avoid climate disaster
    According to Science News, through a new mapping project, scientists have estimated how much irrecoverable carbon resides in peatlands, mangroves, forests and elsewhere around the globe — and which areas need protection.

  • COP26: The truth behind the new climate change denial
    The BBC News reports that people have long claimed, incorrectly, that the past century's temperature changes are just part of the Earth's natural cycle, rather than the result of human behaviour.

  • The breakdown: What is in the Glasgow Climate Pact?
    Climate Home News reports that at Cop26 in Glasgow, countries agreed to call out coal, double adaptation finance and finalise rules for carbon trading, in a bid to ‘keep 1.5C alive’

  • China-US announce deal at Cop26 to accelerate climate actions this decade
    Climate Home News reports that nn a surprise joint statement, the world’s two top emitters agreed to work together in a range of areas to keep the goals of the Paris Agreement “within reach”