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  • Struggling Chefs Are Fired Up About Climate-Fueled Supply Chain Woes
    According to Inside Climate News, a new report reveals the outsize impact of climate change on local restaurants, which could trickle down to consumers.

  • Chicago Sues 5 Oil Companies, Accusing Them of Climate Change Destruction, Fraud
    Inside Climate News reports that Chicago is suing big fossil fuel companies, alleging the impact of flooding and other climate-related events has caused great damage.

  • February on course to break unprecedented number of heat records
    According to The Guardian, rapid ocean warming and unusually hot winter days recorded as human-made global heating combines with El Niño

  • The sun is mighty, but modern climate change is caused by human activity | Fact check
    USA Today reports that there has not been a change in the state of the sun that could explain modern climate change, according to NASA.

  • What has Louisiana’s governor done his first month in office? Boost fossil fuels
    The Guardian reports that Republican Jeff Landry, who has labeled climate change ‘a hoax’, has elevated fossil fuel executives to key environmental posts

  • 1 in 4 Americans today breathes unhealthy air because of climate change. And it's getting worse.
    CBS News reports that about 83 million Americans, or 1 in 4, are already exposed each year to air quality that is categorized as "unhealthy" by the Air Quality Index (AQI)

  • Renowned climate scientist Michael Mann awarded $1 million in suit over his work being likened to child molester's acts
    CBS News reports that a jury on Thursday awarded $1 million to climate scientist Michael Mann, who sued a pair of conservative writers 12 years ago after they compared his depictions of global warming to a convicted child molester.

  • ‘In a word, horrific’: Trump’s extreme anti-environment blueprint
    The Guardian reports that allies and advisers have hinted at a more methodical second term: driving forward fossil fuel production, sidelining scientists and overturning rules

  • Hurricanes becoming so strong that new category needed, study says
    The Guardian reports that scientists propose new category 6 rating to classify ‘mega-hurricanes’, becoming more likely due to climate crisis

  • Trump Allies Plan to Gut Climate Research if He Is Reelected
    Scientific America reports that dozens of conservative organizations have banded together to provide Trump a road map—known as Project 2025—to boost fossil fuels and limit government climate science