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  • Many US schools aren't teaching about climate change. Students aren't happy about that
    Students told USA TODAY treatment of the issue has remained limited in schools even as their demands for such education have grown.

  • New ‘supercontinent’ could wipe out humans and make Earth uninhabitable, study suggests
    CNN reports that the formation of a new “supercontinent” could wipe out humans and all other mammals still alive in 250 million years, researchers have predicted.

  • Richard Branson talks new climate change coalition and his plans to return to space
    According to NBC News, the billionaire British entrepreneur announced his latest initiative, Planetary Guardians, at a news conference Monday while in New York for the United Nations General Assembly.

  • Twitter ranks worst in climate change misinformation report
    The Guardian reports that Climate coalition cites Twitter’s lack of clear policies to stop incorrect information and confusion from Musk takeover

  • Climate change played major role in Libya floods
    The BBC News reports that climate change made the storm that devastated the Libyan city of Derna, killing thousands of people, up to 50 times more likely, experts say.

  • Climate Protesters March on New York, Calling for End to Fossil Fuels
    The New York Times reports that ahead of U.N. meetings this week, thousands gathered in Midtown to demand that President Biden and other world leaders stop new oil and gas drilling.

  • New files shed light on ExxonMobil’s efforts to undermine climate science
    According to The Guardian, executives privately sought to downplay link between fossil fuels and climate change despite public pronouncements, WSJ reports

  • When the dead don't stay buried: The grave situation at cemeteries amid climate change
    USA Today reports that thousands of graves in cemeteries across America have been damaged by floods, storm surges and erosion brought about by climate change.

  • Nearly all world’s population hit by global heating last quarter – study
    Inside Climate News reports that peer-reviewed research by Climate Central found 98% of people worldwide experienced temperatures heightened by climate pollution June-August

  • Planet-warming pollution made summer heat twice as likely for nearly all of humanity
    CNN reports that research shows between June and August, 98% of the global population — 7.95 billion people — experienced high temperatures made at least twice as likely by climate change.