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  • White House to study releasing aerosols into the atmosphere to counter climate change
    Fox News reports that the White House plans to study spraying aerosols such as sulfur dioxide into the stratosphere to counter climate change — a strategy some scientists view as a risky intervention in the atmosphere but that others think may be a useful last resort to prevent global warming.

  • Native villages fleeing climate change effects get millions in aid from Biden administration
    USA Today reports that two Native villages in Alaska and a native village in Washington state will receive $25 million each in federal assistance to help relocate to higher ground in the face of climate change-driven erosion and flooding concerns.

  • What to know about climate change: Does winter weather disprove global warming? (No.)
    USA Today reports that temperatures on our planet have fluctuated based on natural processes many times in the past, but experts say this extraordinary run of warming is different.

  • What climate change means for Florida's future
    Yahoo News reports that a task force of experts from the National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration and NASA forecast that coastal flooding in Florida will increase rapidly over the next 30 years.

  • Will the GOP House halt action on climate change?
    Yahoo News reports that Climate change activists and experts fear that the United States may lose its momentum on cutting climate-change-causing greenhouse gases after the new R House of Representatives takes control in January.

  • Did the world make progress on climate change? Here's what was decided at global talks
    NPR reports that countries struggled to compromise on a plan that would reduce global dependence on fossil fuels, while helping vulnerable countries pay for the damage caused by worsening sea level rise, storms, droughts, heat waves and other climate-driven disasters.

  • Compelling before-and-after satellite photos of climate change
    CBS News reports that while no single disaster can be definitively linked to climate issues, the overall impact of climate change is growing more visible.

  • COP27: Lack of women at negotiations raises concern
    BBC analysis has found that women make up less than 34% of country negotiating teams at the UN summit in Egypt.

  • U.S. and China Restart Climate Talks
    The New York Times reports that discussions about combating climate change between the world’s two largest economies — and two biggest emitters of greenhouse gases — had been frozen since August.

  • Rainn Wilson announces name change to raise climate change awareness
    CNN reports that “The Office” actor debuted “Rainnfall Heat Wave Rising Sea Levels Wilson” on social media Thursday as a way to raise awareness about the climate control crisis.