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  • Everything you need to know about COP26, the U.N. Climate Change Conference in Glasgow
    According to Yahoo News, The outcome of this summit may be the single most important factor in determining whether humanity suffers the worst consequences of climate change.

  • A US coal-state senator makes losers of us all - Climate Weekly
    Climate Home News points out that in reality the coal-state senator’s obstruction of US clean electricity incentives has repercussions around the world.

  • More than 99.9% of studies agree: Humans caused climate change
    According to the Cornell Chronicle, more than 99.9% of peer-reviewed scientific papers agree that climate change is mainly caused by humans, according to a new survey of 88,125 climate-related studies.

  • Lake Tahoe waters plummet as drought, climate change plague resort
    The LA Times reports that the receding water level, which is driven by climate change and drought, comes as the latest insult to the treasured tourist destination nestled in the Sierra Nevada.

  • Queen 'irritated' by climate change inaction in COP26 build-up
    The BBC News reports that the Queen has appeared to suggest she is irritated by people who "talk" but "don't do", ahead of next month's climate change summit.

  • Our underwater future: What sea level rise will look like around the globe
    CNN reports that a new study from Climate Central, a nonprofit research group, shows that roughly 50 major coastal cities will need to implement "unprecedented" adaptation measures to prevent rising seas from swallowing their most populated areas.

  • Biden administration releases alarming reports on climate change challenges
    According to NBC News, the reports from 23 federal agencies examine how climate change will disrupt nearly all aspects of life, including more traffic and disease.

  • Google and YouTube will cut off ad money for climate change deniers
    The Verge reports that Google will no longer allow advertisers, publishers, and YouTube creators to monetize content that denies the existence of climate change.

  • A new report shows just how much climate change is killing the world's coral reefs
    According to NPR, the amount of coral lost between 2008 and 2019 is equivalent to more than all of the living coral in Australia.

  • Earth is 'dimming' because of climate change, research suggests. Experts say it's 'concerning'
    USA Today reports that Earth is appearing to dim, and climate change is a big reason why, according to research.