Greenie Fundraising

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Greenie, the free mobile app created to help everyday people join the fight against climate change, now offers an innovative new way to raise funds for your organization — while getting everyone involved in helping to save our planet!

It’s a safe and easy way for your group to fund-raise at live events or on social media (no door-to-door sales!) and with no upfront costs, no inventory to buy, and is fully automated with real-time transactions through Paypal, Apple Pay and credit cards. Plus, you’ll have a data base of email addresses of all your donors.

Every tree your group sells that gets planted by the National Forest Foundation puts money in your account and then emails your donor a customized Greenie Certificate of Tree Planting in just minutes!

With the Greenie Fundraiser you’ll create a winning team that everyone will be proud to support.

To learn more, watch our videos here, then push the Red Button and get your gang started today!

Welcome to Greenie Fundraising!

Planting Trees, Saving the Planet!

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